Yesterday, I came across an interesting article from Tony Redmond in which he talks about the future plans of KEMP. Apparently he was able to get hold of some internal communication in which KEMP declares that they’ll be adding some of the functionalities that TMG offered into their products:

  • End Point Authentication for Pre-Auth
  • Persistent Logging and Reporting for a new User Log
  • LDAP and Kerberos communication from the LoadMaster to the Active Directory
  • NTLM and Basic authentication communication from a Client to the LoadMaster
  • RADIUS communication from LoadMaster to a RADIUS server
  • Single Sign On across Virtual Services
    Knowing that as from the 1st of December, you cannot buy TMG (or licenses) anymore, I can imagine that this news is welcomed with open arms within the Exchange community.

I’ve already let KEMP know that I’d be interested in participating in a beta-program (if one exists) and will report back once more information becomes available. Ray Downes (KEMP) mentioned the following on Twitter yesterday: “Working on a detailed description which will be published on the website later this week.” So I expect more info to become available soon.

For more information, have a look at Tony’s article here:

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