The UC Architects – Episode 10

Episode 10 of The UC Architects is now available!

In this episode, Steve Goodman, Michel de Rooij, Serkan Varoglu, Stale Hansen, John Cook and myself talk about various topics on Lync and Exchange including:

  • Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, and Office RTM
  • Microsoft Surface RT
  • Lync and Exchange Ignite trainings
  • iOS Calendaring issue
  • Exchange 2010 Datacenter Switchover Troubleshooter
  • Exchange 2013 beta exams
  • Exchange Update Rollups re-released
  • Lync Profile Tool
  • TEC Europe

Have a look at our website: or download it through Zune marketplace / iTunes


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So… I am at The Experts Conference (TEC) in Barcelona

Some of you might already noticed through my tweets (or Out-of-Office) that I’m attending “The Experts Conference” in Barcelona this week. The conference which is organized by Quest (now Dell) features three different technical tracks: “Directory & Identity”, “Exchange” and “Virtualization & Workspace Management”.

Last year was the first time I attended and I have to admit that I immediately fell for it’s smaller scale (compared to other technical events like MEC or TechEd) and it’s high levels of good and deep technical content.

I hope that this year’s edition will be able to live up to the expectation; at least the current speaker lineup sure looks very promising:

  • Greg Taylor
  • Tim McMichael
  • Tony Redmond
  • Nathan Winters
  • Jaap Wesselius
  • Nicholas Blank

Although speakers alone sometimes can make the difference, content itself needs to be appealing and interesting as well. When looking at the agenda for the upcoming days looks I can see some sessions I personally look forward to like Tim McMichael’s on Database Availability Groups, Greg Taylor’s on CAS and Nathan Winter’s on Archiving & Compliance. The best part is that – compared to MEC – I don’t really have to miss any of the sessions Smile

The keynote, just as last year, is presented by Tony Redmond and therefore – given his rather unique style – promises to be as useful as it is entertaining.

For what it’s worth – and for as long as the internet connection will allow it – I hope to be able to share as much information with you guys as I did at MEC. If not, I’ll look into writing a daily summary and posting it here.



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Exchange 2013 has RTM!

I’m very pleased to share with you that the Microsoft Exchange Product Team has announced the Exchange Server 2013 has released to manufacturing (RTM).

This is an important milestone for the product as this means that it will become generally available soon. However, you’ll have to hold your horses for just a little longer as the public downloads won’t be available before mid-November.

Take a look at the following article for the official announcement from the Exchange team:

But Exchange wasn’t the only product to reach the RTM status. Alongside the other members of the Office product family like Lync, Office and SharePoint were RTM as well:

Unfortunately, as announced earlier, Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3 hasn’t been released yet. This means that – even when the bits for Exchange 2013 become generally available, you won’t be able to upgrade your existing deployment, just yet…

All in all, interesting times are coming if you ask me!

I’m looking forward to be sharing more about Exchange 2013 and Office 365 in the future!

Until later,


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This was the Microsoft Exchange Conference 2012

MEC 2012 is over and I’m already feeling nostalgic about it…!

The conference, or actually unconference as it was named by Michael Atalla during his opening keynote was – at least for me – one of the best conferences I attended… ever!. Although there’s still room for improvement, the new style that focused on having more interaction between the audience and the speakers was definitely a huge success. Instead of having sessions where you’d be lectured by the speakers, they wanted to create more interaction between the audience and the speaker. In fact, some speakers relied on the audience to ask questions: it was nice to see that some speakers didn’t even bring any PowerPoints slides with them!

Originally, I was planning on doing a general recap of the content at MEC but I found out that fellow UC Architect Michel de Rooij “beat me to it” and already did a very good job summarizing the content. In fact, did you know that  Michel didn’t have the opportunity to visit MEC? Instead, his recap fully relies on the content that the Exchange product team released along with the information you could find on Twitter (#IamMEC). When you think about it, that’s pretty amazing! At some point there were even cross-session interactions happening! I can tell you this: the Exchange community is very alive and kicking!

MEC was also the place where I (finally) had to opportunity to meet some of my UC Architects colleagues in real life. Although we didn’t spent as much time together as we had hoped for, we had some very memorable moments like the one in the picture. “The UC Architects, joined by Distinguished Engineer Perry Clarke” ~ a picture taken by Tony Redmond!


Now, I first have a few days vacation planned here in the US, but expect to see some new articles when I get back as there’s much, much to talk about! Until later!



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Attending the Microsoft Exchange Conference

As you might’ve guessed by now, I’m one of the lucky guys who gets to attend the Microsoft Exchange Conference in Orlando, FL.

Over the past few days, I have seen lots of people post their agendas online, which made me think that I perhaps should also start building one. Although, that was the plan. I didn’t take long before I figured out that building an agenda wasn’t really going to work out for me… I mean, have you seen the session list? It’s huge! And there’s really lots and lots of great content. So instead of trying to fit everything in, I’ll just take the sessions as they come. I’ll definitely let you know how that worked out… Smile

Anyway, I arrived yesterday and was lucky enough to bump into a whole bunch of Exchange-people heading to MEC. Throughout the conversations I had, it was getting pretty clear that getting value from MEC isn’t really about the sessions or content, it’s mostly about the community and the contacts itself.

Not only I have been able to talk to some of the veterans like Tony Redmond, Jeff Guillet but also got to meet lots of new people. It doesn’t need any explanation that I’ve already had lots of interesting conversations about Exchange and other stuff.

It’s a pity to realize that some people, who definitely should’ve been here, weren’t able to make it or even worse, couldn’t get their employers convinced to send them. My thoughts especially go out to some fellow UCArchitects like Steve, Michel, Mahmoud and Johan! I hope that MEC will stay for the next few years and that employers who refused to send some of those guys start realizing the real value in the conference: socializing.

As a matter of fact, you should read the following blog by Tony Redmond; some rather interesting thoughts about the conference…

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that those who weren’t able to make it will at least be able to virtually attend the conference. If you’re not already following me (and other members of the community), start doing so today! I’m pretty sure you’ll get loads of info through blogs/twitter/…



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I’ll be speaking @ MCT Summit in Poland

Hi all!

A while back I talked about some of my upcoming speaking engagements. One of them was the MCT Summit in Poland. Although it has been “confirmed” for a while, I’ve never taken the opportunity to share it with you…Until now Winking smile

Alongside fellow MCT and friend of mine, Peter De Tender I will be doing a duo-session on Microsoft cloud technologies. Peter is a member of the Microsoft Learning MCT Advisory Council and also very active in the community. He is very knowledgeable and I consider it an honor to share the stage with him!

If you’re interested in attending the summit, there are still tickets available! Prices aren’t that high and it seems a very good opportunity to meet some interesting people/MCT’s from all over Europe.

Visit for more information.

Also, later this year, I will be talking at some local events on Exchange 2013 and Office 365. One of them is the “Bootcamp week” which Microsoft Belgium is organizing. This event is open to Microsoft partners. For more information, check out the following page:

See you there!

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