The UC Architects episode 37 now available!

Even though it’s only been a couple of days that we released episode 36 – “Live @ MEC”, we proudly announce the release of our latest episode: “episode 37 – don’t MEC my Heartbleed“.

In this latest installment, Steve, John, Michel, Stale and myself talk about a myriad of things including some random thoughts on the Microsoft Exchange Conference, the recently disclosed Heartbleed vulnerability and latest improvements in the world of Hybrid Exchange deployments. Stale also started a new feature called “using Lync like a Lync PRO” in which he will reveal a very handy tip on how to better use Lync. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Don’t let the length of the show (almost 2 hours!) scare you, it’s filled with tons of great info!

Talk to you soon!


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The UC Architects Episode 2: Corruption, Poison and Ethiopia

Today, the second podcast from “The UC Architects” was released.

In this episode Pat Richard, John A. Cook, Tom Arbuthnot, Andrew J. Price and  Johan Veldhuis talk about various topics including: Lync CU6, Microsoft buying Yammer, Exchange Poison Mailboxes and Mailbox Corruption. They also reveal the Lync “tip of the day” and take a look into the future with some interesting events coming up!

Take a look at The UC Architects for more information or subscribe via RSS. If you’re using iTunes, click here to subscribe.

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“The UC Architects”: a new Unified Communications podcast online now!

I’m very pleased to announce that from today you can download the first episode of “The UC Architects”; a regular bi-weekly podcast with a focus on Microsoft Exchange and Lync!


In this week’s episode, Steve Goodman, Dave Stork, John A. Cook, Serkan Varoglu and myself talk about various topics including:

  • Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 Update Rollup 3, and why you should update
  • Exchange 15: the rumors and the facts
  • TechEd NA, MEC
  • “What’s new in the community this week?”

In future episodes you will also be able to hear from the rest of the team including:

“The UC Architects” is available as an RSS feed, which you can subscribe to here:

The podcast is also available in iTunes and Zune Marketplace. Check out the website for more information.

Click HERE to download the first podcast!

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Coming to speakers near you! Soon!

Hi all!

Are you interested in “Unified Communications”? Do you love working with products like Microsoft Exchange or Lync? Looking for some fun while driving to work? Well, if that’s the case, there’s something coming for you!

Stay tuned and find out soon what the following people have in common:

  • @stevegoodman
  • @patrichard
  • @mderooij
  • @tomarbuthnot
  • @jveldh
  • @_busbar
  • @dmstork
  • @johnacook
  • @ExchServPro
  • @StaleHansen
  • @LegendaryPricey
  • @mvanhorenbeeck



P.S.: perhaps a little hint:


Sessions I would attend @ TechEd Europe (26-29 june, Amsterdam)

TechEd is coming back to Europe and this time it’s striking down in Amsterdam from the 26th to the 29th of June. TechEd is, in my opinion of course, a one of a kind conference packed with lots and lots of great sessions about various topics. If you have the opportunity to attend the conference: don’t hesitate!

A few days ago, the first sessions were announced so I went and had a peak at what was coming our way. The conference, usually divided into multiple “tracks”, allows you to easily identify your area of interest and pick your sessions accordingly. Because of my background (and strong personal interest), I mainly focus on the following tracks:

What you will notice is that, although I spend most of my time with products like Exchange, most of the sessions I picked are from the Security & Identity track. Why is that? Well, Exchange has been around for quite some time now. This does not mean that I know the product inside out, but a lot of things have already been said and by nature I rather tend to look into the future than looking back. This is also why I would focus more on new(er) products and technologies. At this time, Windows Server 8 (and therefore also Active Directory) fits that description perfectly, hence the choice for session that mostly talk about it and it’s new features.

For one, if it were possible, I would attend all of them. But at conferences like TechEd, it’s all about choices. The list below depicts the sessions that I would attend. Please keep in mind that these are my personal choices and it does not mean that other sessions are less worth attending!

Exchange & Lync

  • Best Practices for Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Deep Dive: Coexistence between Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 High Availability Deep Dive
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010: Troubleshooting Performance Issues

Office, Office 365 & SharePoint

  • Security Design with Claims Based Authentication

Security & Identity

  • Active Directory Virtualization Safeguards and Domain Controller Cloning with Windows Server “8”
  • How to (un)Destroy Your Active Directory: Reloaded
  • Managing and Extending Active Directory Federation Services
  • Planning, Designing, and Deploying a Highly Available AD RMS Infrastructure
  • Windows Server “8” Dynamic Access Control Best Practices and Case Study Deployments in Microsoft IT
  • Windows Server “8” Dynamic Access Control Deep Dive for Active Directory and Central Authorization Policies
  • Windows Server 8 Dynamic Access Control Overview