ITPROceed as alternative to the missing TechDays in Belgium this year?

Typically, this time of the year Microsoft would organize its TechDays: a multi-day technical conference with tracks for both IT Pro’s and developers. This year, however, there’s no TechDays. This leaves a gap in the Belgian “conference market”. To my knowledge, TechDays was attended by several hundred if not thousand attendees every year. Speakers from all over the place would come over and present on the latest and the greatest of Microsoft. But in general there would be a lot of local speakers involved too.

Recently the developers community announced their “Tech-o-rama” conference which would both serve as a replacement for the Community Days and somewhat fill the gap for TechDays. This is exactly what the IT PRO Community had in mind when launching the ITPROceed initiative.

ITPROCeed is a community-driven one-day conference, to be held in Antwerp on June 12th. Although not officially organized by Microsoft, the conference has certainly the potential to reach a wide audience as TechDays did. Here’s why:


As mentioned earlier, there won’t be (many) other opportunities to learn from the experts first hand in Belgium, this year. As such, it seems like the perfect opportunity to catch up: for free.

The conference itself is divided into 4 tracks: SQL, System Center, Azure and Office Servers & Services. More than enough to create a balanced schedule with, don’t you think? It’s not only a good way to learn about new technology and features, it’s also great to interact with all of the experts who will be present that day.


The speaker-lineup is phenomenal, in my opinion. A lot of Belgian MVPs will speaking at this event and many of them have spoken at various international conferences before. To give you just a few of these names: Mike Resseler, Alexandre Verkinderen, Johan Delimon, Dieter Vanhoye, Thomas Vochten, Ruben Nauwelaers, Pieter Vanhove, Nico Sienaert, Tim De Keukelaere, Donald Hessing and many, many more. Every single one of them are experts in their field.

So, if you haven’t subscribed yet, I strongly suggest you do so soon. It doesn’t happen every day that you get the ability to witness all this for free (in case you didn’t get it the first time). I for one, know what I will be doing that day…!

See you there!


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Upcoming speaking engagements

Hi all,

2012 has been an interesting and very rewarding year for me. It’s also been a year in which I’ve had numerous opportunities to speak at various events and do multiple webcasts.

Now, it seems that 2013 will be equally interesting, if not even better!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get up to speed with Exchange 2013; on January 15th, I will be hosting two TechNet Livemeetings about Exchange Server 2013:

As always, these livemeetings are free to attend. However, if you can’t make it, they will also be made available afterwards.

If you’re looking for an interesting in-person event, Microsoft is organizing TechDays 2013 in Antwerp again between March 5th – 7th. The TechDays are traditionally a great place to find lots of great content and subject matter experts for a relatively interesting price. For me, it’s always been a not-to-miss opportunity to catch up with the latest and the greatest in Microsoft’s technology.

To register, click the banner on the homepage. But don’t wait too long…There’s a huge discount when you register before December 31st!

This year, with the release of all the “Wave 15” products, there will be lots of interesting session on Exchange and Unified Communication. On the first “pre-conference” day, Scott Schnoll will be doing some deep-dive session on Exchange 2013 and I will be closing of that first day with a session about building a hybrid configuration with Exchange Server 2013.

The last day, I will also be doing a joint-session with Jethro Segers about Identity Management in Office 365

I look forward to seeing you there!


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Coverage from TechDays 2012


In case you didn’t know already (which I would find very surprising), TechDays 2012 is currently held for the first time in Kinepois ‘Imagibraine’ in Braine-l’Alleud. This 10th edition is stuffed with lots of interesting sessions covering various topics like Windows Server 8, Private Cloud, System Center, Office 365, Lync and many, many more. (A complete list of the sessions can be found here.)

As was the case in previous years, there’s a main exhibition area where you can find booths from different sponsors, partners and vendors. Alternatively you could wander around during sessions, get something to drink (or eat) and socialize with other attendants.



For the first time, there’s also a booth from MEET (Microsoft Extended Experts Team). Throughout the three days you will find a lot of the MEET-members at this booth giving you the opportunity to talk to them and ask them questions about different topics.
Small tip: ask for the coffee! Our “MEETmobile” makes the best (FRESH) coffee @ TechDays Winking smile


About the sessions

Of course, next to all of the nice things above, there’s also what matters most: the different sessions. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend quite a lot of them.

What’s in Windows Server 8 for the ITPro – a demo tour

This session by Corey Hynes was very interesting as he went through quite a lot of the new features that we might expect in Windows Server 8. The nice thing here was that he gave a rather high-level overview of different things that will be elaborated on in other sessions throughout the following days.
I will try to cover the contents of the different sessions about Windows 8 in a blog post in the upcoming days.

Discover how Lync works on your iPhone, Android & other smartphones/tablets

At the same time as Corey’s session, Johan gave a presentation on Lync Mobile. I was lucky to attend the exclusive preview earlier this month, so I didn’t attend this one. But from the preview (and the things I heard from other attendees) it was very interesting with some nice demo’s in the end!

Office 365: Busting the Myths

During lunch, Ilse and Koen tried “busting the myths” about Office 365. Something in which they succeeded perfectly. To give an impression of  the myths they “busted” (and what you missed):

  • The cloud is not secure
  • You cannot manage Lync Online
  • Setting up an Office 365 demo environment is difficult
  • SharePoint Online has no public website

The afternoon was mainly filled with session about Windows Server 8:

Windows 8 Hyper-V: Scalability

In the first session Bryon Surace digged deeper into the topics that Corey mentioned earlier in the day, explaining the new features in Windows 8 and Hyper-V 3.0:

  • Native Nic Teaming
  • NUMA Support
  • Hyper-V features and scalability
  • Hyper-V clustering

To close off the day, I went to John Craddock’s session about Windows 8 Dynamic Access Control: technical but incredible fun to watch! This feature looks very promising and might be able to change the way we implement security throughout our infrastructure from now onwards… I look forward to be “playing” around with it in the upcoming weeks…

So as you can see: lots of things to do and to see. As an IT Pro I can highly recommend the TechDays. It’s been a few years in a row for me now and each time the sessions (and speakers) are outstanding! So if you didn’t register for this edition, you know what to do for next year!

See you later!